Helping you navigate digital business

We help companies grow their digital capabilities and expand their presence.

From start-up to step up.

We act as digital managers, creatives and technologists to help you setup or step up your digital infrastructure, and the guidance to make it work for your business.

Companies we've worked with:

Digital Strategy

We help you determine the best use of your budgets, resources and people to improve your digital assets.


If you have an idea for disrupting your industry, and need help in prototyping digital concepts, we can help.

Digital Projects

We can represent your interests by managing digital projects with internal or external technology providers.

Digital Capability

Use our experience to build your own digital teams, including team structures, operations processes and technology infrastructure.

Websites & Apps

Obviously, we build websites and apps too, whether for e-commerce or web-based business software to manage specific functions.

Digital Marketing

Everything from email marketing, social media management, implementing and understanding analytics, SEO and paid media.

Crafting content and e-Commerce the way you want it!

We build bespoke e-commerce websites using our preferred Content Management and e-Commerce System - Craft CMS & Craft Commerce.

Our uniquely crafted websites are based on how you want your brand to be experienced, mixing content and commerce. No templates, no cookie-cutter sites.

We've worked across multiple industries build cost-effective e-commerce and digital marketing systems.

Wynberg Girls' High School

We custom-built a feature-rich website with features like user logins, application form processes, multi-calendar systems, multiple authors, integrated social platform, various forms and general site-wide content management.

Tabletops furniture

We built and manage a B2B customer-facing catalogue website with ordering capabilities, and a customised simple CRM platform for internal use. We also manage email marketing and paid media campaigns.


We provide Clicks with interface and experience design services, across their e-commerce website and mobile app. This includes UX research and prototyping, working together with their development partners and internal omni-channel team.

Aluwani capital Partners

We provide Aluwani with general digital consulting, web design, development and management. We also manage digital marketing campaigns, working with their brand agency and internal marketing team.

Momster Box

As an equity partner, we provide a full spectrum of e-commerce and marketing management services. It allows us to experiment with e-commerce technology, marketing techniques, product design and logistics so we're in tune with small business needs. We're always on the lookout for similar partnerships.

What our clients say

A few comments from our clients

Richard Engela
Tabletops Furniture

"We have found [Itopia] to be highly professional, efficient and easy to deal with. They have often provided us with useful advice and insights into our digital situation which recommendations are still in daily use."

Shirley Harding
Principal - Wynberg Girls' High

"They are professional, delivered on target, their communication channels are excellent and relationships warm and cordial. Of particular note is the fact they went out of their way to understand the way in which schools function, and this commitment to the educational sector helped them to deliver an excellent product."

Emme Steenveld (Engel)
Marketing Manager

"They have conducted themselves in a professional & efficient manner. As well as their affairs were managed with integrity. We have formed a good relationship with them."

Chad Backstrom
Senior Brand Manager -
Healthcare & GNC

"I have had the pleasure of working with Itopia interactive during the 4 years they have worked with the GNC South Africa brand, where they have provided us with Digital Management, Creative and Development Services. [...] Beyond the work, they are an incredible group of people to engage with..."

Do you need something a bit more bespoke?

We're able to work on more complex web builds using our tools of choice. Your business may need a content heavy, CRM integrated, e-commerce enabled, multi-department platform in mind. Allow us to tell you about similar projects we've worked on, and how we can help your business.