Small business websites

We provide startups and small businesses with simple, secure, beautiful websites that are able to grow with your business.

Affordable, easy and scalable!

Behind the websites we build are years of digital experience to help you build your business. Once your website is up and running, you may want to look at how to generate leads to your website, boost traffic, or tie it closely to your social media and other marketing efforts. We're there to help you at every step.

You take care of your business, we'll take care of your digital business.


If you simply want a web presence, with no need to manage lots of content, and a professional-looking website, this should be your choice.

  • Up to 5 pages of static content
  • Contact form
  • Includes secure, fast web hosting
  • Use your own domain name
R350 p/m
Excl VAT
Get Basic


If you want a beautiful web presence, but need to manage page content and blog posts, then this package may work for you.

  • All the Basic features
  • Up to 2000 blog items
  • Up to 3 content editors
  • Site Search
R500 p/m
Excl VAT
Get Standard


If you intend selling products, choose this option. We build Shopify websites that are secure, affordable, just work, and are supported by our team.

  • Full-featured online store
  • Unlimited products
  • Discount codes
  • Safe & secure
R750 p/m
Excl VAT
Get e-Commerce

Why use itopia?

There are certainly cheaper options. You could build it yourself using something like Wix, or get a Wordpress site built by your friend's 2nd cousin's aunt who once saw AKA in concert.

But we provide you with the digital business support you need beyond just your website. As you grow you may start considering email or social media marketing, Google Ads, and more.

We'll be there to help you grow your digital capabilities, and at your own pace.

But why are your websites so cheap?

That's a question we get asked often as well.

If you been through a few website projects, you'll know that professional web development can be a costly affair. It requires specialised skills, especially when there are specialised requirements.

The products above are intended for small to medium size businesses who are looking for simple, easy ways to get online quickly, with as little fuss as possible.

If you're a larger business with more complex digital requirements, rather speak to us about our tailored digital services.

These products are great if:

  • Your requirements are quite standard
  • You won't need complex features beyond what is stated for each product
  • You anticipate some degree of growth in your digital needs over time
  • You like the idea of having digital business support

These products are not great if:

  • You have very unique requirements
  • You need a feature-rich website platform
  • You anticipate huge amounts of growth and change in a very short amount of time

I have Questions!

As you should. If you have any questions regarding our products, send an email to and we'll try our best to answer them. Give us much detail about what you are wanting to achieve, and we'll let you know if these products are fit for purpose.